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We are MWork Solutions. We partner with National Brands to market and support exclusive offers to F1000 Employees and their families.

Interested in promoting exclusive offers to over 25 million corporate employees? 

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Our Areas of Focus:

T-Mobile Support
Marketing Network: MWork has partnerships with every major Employee Benefit Provider in the U.S.  Through our network, we promote our Partners’ offers to over 25 million U.S. Corporate Employees.  
Sales Agent Training

Comprehensive Programs: We deliver turnkey programs for our Brand Partners.   We provide audience (25m+ corporate employees), as well as marketing, sales, real-time reporting, and offer support.

Great Careers
Additive Sales / Growth: Through our network, our Partners gain incremental sales and Customers from F1000 Employees. These sales often bring higher CLV than general consumer sales.

Are you an existing MWork Solutions Customer who would like assistance?

Please contact us at, or call T-Mobile USA 24 hour Business Care at 877-347-2127.